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    Comet HD-5 3/8-24

    Comet HD-5 3/8-24Comet HD-5 3/8-24
    Price: $65.95
    Manufactured by: Comet Antenna
    NCG Comet
    For use with 3/8X24 Thread style antennas.
    Product Description
    Heavy Duty lip mount with a 3/8-24 threaded socket to accept small screw-driver antennas, CB antennas, etc...

    Universal adjustable lip mount, 16' 6” deluxe cable assembly with 3/8-24/PL-259 connectors. Quality appearance and low loss coax cable assembly. Installs easily in only minutes to virtually any lip on a vehicle. Trunk lid, truck rear doors, SUV and van rear doors, hood lip, etc… Does not damage expensive and/or leased vehicles.

    A lateral support tab is part of the lip mount. Be sure this support tab will not interfere with the opening/closing of the door, trunk, etc...

    Footprint:  3.75" x 1.1"

    Max Power:  HF:   200W SSB

    VHF:  75W FM

    UHF   50W FM

    Mount adjusts in 3 planes. The first 18 inches of coax is mini RG-188A/U type allowing easy entry through the weather seal into the vehicle without causing wind noise, water leaks or coax damage. The coax balance is low loss, 3/8-24 threaded socket to accept the antenna coax terminates in a PL-259 connector. The PL-259 disassembles for easier routing or to shorten the coax length. Soft rubber pad protects the vehicle paint, 4 large set screws hold the mount firmly in place

    Model #
    HD-5 3/8-24
    0-6000 MHz
    Cable Type
    Cable Length
    16' 6 "
    1 Years


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